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      ADD:Baini town yixing city jiangsu province china
      TEL:0510-87770777 87464988 87460222





        Yixing Huihua Cladding?Material Co., Ltd. is a new joint-stock company?with?assets of more than 8000 yuan, 17000 square meters factory,?and?annual sales about 60000000 yuan.. It enjoys?convenient traffic?which located in the center of Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou,?one hour’s drive to?Hangzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai via expressway, and half an hour by?high speed train.

      "Protecting the earth and environment?friendly" is the code of conduct for Yixing?Huihua. We will work hard to control and gradually reduce adverse effects on the environment in the activities, products and services. We have formulated Huaihua environmental management policy to?protect the environment on which everyone depends on with our best efforts.

      Huihua attaches great importance to the cultivation of quality, and is the only manufacturer who certified?ISO9001:2015,?Import &?Export system dual certification and also?ISO14001:2015 environment system among?producer of Ni?Cu?cladding strips, Al?Ni?cladding strip?and power battery tab .

      As a professional manufacturer of Ni Cu cladding strip, Ni Al?cladding strip, power battery tab, lithium battery?special aluminum strip and low internal resistance nickel strip, Huihua are available?with full set of?manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment,?of which manufacturing equipment?from vacuum melting, rolling, composite to strip and stamping; and inspection equipment covers?Radian meter, hardness tester, resistance tester, projector, cupping tester, super welding / spot welding machine, tension meter, salt spray?machine and so on. With?all kinds of equipment and related technical personnel, we ensure that we provide professional technical support and unique product to customers.

      With the aim of "seeking development with credibility", and attaches great importance to scientific and technological input, Huihua has been?reviewed and passed?global procurement?audit?by a number of international well-known enterprises from?Japan, Korea,?Europe and the United States, and established a stable business relationship?with them.

      At present, Huihua products have already accepted by?a large number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad?such as:

      Samsung, SANYO Tianjin, LG Korea, Shenzhen?BYD, Shenzhen Bak, Huzhou?Microvast, Beijing National Battery,Huizhou Yiwei,?Jiangsu Tenpower,?Hengdian DMEGC,?Shenzhen TM Battery and?Tianjin Lishen etc, and have become their qualified suppliers.

      All of Huihua staff are?looking forward to your arrival in the spirit of professional enthusiasm, devotion spirit?and qualification.